International Museum Day
International Museum Day
Homenaje al Museo Histórico Etnográfico de Larisa
SUN 17/05/2009
The Benaki Museum, in a series of events seeks to honour and highlight the work carried out by culture organisations in the Greek provinces that focuses on the study and promotion of culture.
In line with this policy, for the fifth year running, the Benaki Museum will celebrate World Museum Day with an event honouring the Folklore and Historical Museum of Larissa. The purpose of the event is, on the one hand, to increase familiarity with and recognition of the work being carried out by the Folklore and Historical Museum of Larissa, and on the other hand, to make people aware of the necessity to provide support, both moral and financial, to cultural organisations, permitting their dynamic progress.

Professor Yeorgios Antonakopoulos, Professor of Medicine at the University of Thessaly and Professor Katerina Korre-Zographou, Professor of Foklore at the University of Athens will speak about the Museum’s history, contribution and activities.

Free entrance to all the Museum buildings and annexes. The Museum shops in the Main building, the Piraios Street annexe, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Historical Archives and the Yiannis Pappas Studio will offer 10% off all objects and 50% off Benaki Museum publications.
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