The ‘Angelos Delivorrias’ Annual Lectures
The ‘Angelos Delivorrias’ Annual Lectures
MON 18/03/2019
The Benaki Museum pays tribute to its long-standing director, the late Angelos Delivorrias, who envisioned and implemented its expansion and satellite scheme, by establishing the ‘Angelos Delivorrias’ Annual Lectures. Every March, a speaker active in one of the many cognitive fields in which Delivorrias excelled will be invited to deliver a lecture, which will be published in printed form as part of a series.

The inaugural lecture will be hosted at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138, eleven months after Delivorrias’s passing.

His Excellency the President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Prokopiοs Pavlopoulos will honour the event with his presence. 

The 2019 ’Angelos Delivorrias’ Annual Lecture will be given by the friend and colleague of Angelos Delivorrias Eugenio La Rocca, Ordinary Member of the Accademia Naionale dei Lincei and Professor Emeritus of Archaeology and Greek and Roman Art History at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’. In his capacity of Superintendent of Cultural Heritage of the City of Rome, Eugenio La Rocca has coordinated the new arrangement of archaeological museums and promoted numerous restoration works of ancient monuments; he has also conducted archaeological excavations and curated several significant exhibitions of international renown. His extensive academic work is fundamental to archaeological and art historical research.

Professor La Rocca's lecture on ‘The parietal mosaics in the mouseion of the Domus Aurea in Rome’ will discuss the luxurious decoration of the mouseion, an enormous hall of the Domus Aurea dedicated to the Muses. The Domus Aurea (‘Golden House’) was the vast palace built by the Emperor Nero (AD 54-68) in the heart of Rome. The mosaics that cover the walls of the hall depict the posthumous apotheosis (triumphant deification) of an intellectual, probably a great poet. The preliminary study of these mosaics has allowed us to expand our knowledge of both Roman culture and the much later Christian-era mosaics, which recall the glamour of this Late Antique art. 


The lecture will be given in Italian; a simultaneous interpretation into Greek will also be available.

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Monday, March 18th, at 19:30



Admission free