Film showing   Markos Delivorias. Faces of Unsuccessful Songwriter
Film showing Markos Delivorias. Faces of Unsuccessful Songwriter
SAT 12/10/2013
Markos Delivorias is a singer-songwriter, with eight albums to his name, who has not managed to become widely known; consequently the title of the film "Faces of Unsuccessful Songwriter" appears to describe a specific reality.

Is the filmmaker’s intention, however, simply a realistic statement or is it a humorous irony? Moreover, when we talk of failure, are we talking using financial criteria or the measure of artistic recognition? Probably both. Markos Delivorias believes that his work is gaining ground taking very slow steps in recognition and that “in ten years from now he’ll be famous”. Then again, should we accept that he has failed both financially and in terms of artistic recognition, the inevitable question occurs: Did he deserve that failure or should he have been entitled to something better?
Before being able to respond to that question, one must necessarily get to know the artist and his work. 
This film by Thomas Katsikadakos introduces the artist over 45 minutes, allowing us to draw some initial conclusions about him. 

Thomas Katsikadakos is making his first appearance as a director and is a student at the Department of Photography of the Athens Technical Education Institute. When he got to know Markos Delivorias, he displayed interest in his music, became his “official” representative on YouTube, setting up the tomkadin channel, which hosts music by Markos almost exclusively. Along the way, Thomas Katsikadakos came to the conclusion that the channel had to introduce its musician in a documentary and this led to this film, for which he acted as director, producer, editor and one of the camera operators.

Before the film showing, the musician is going to perform live some of his songs. 

Duration 45'
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