Musical event on the life and work of Bertolt Brecht
Musical event on the life and work of Bertolt Brecht
“Investigación sobre si el hombre ayuda al hombre”
FRI 13/02/2009

On the occasion of 110 years since the birth of the great dramatist Bertolt Brecht, a programme of theatrical songs by the author has been organised in four languages (German, Greek, English and French) and with music by two major "modern classics" Kurt Weil and Hanns Eisler.

Texts will be read through the event, illustrating the most turbulent period of recent History, through the life and artistic production of two major Brecht composers, and indirectly by him. At the same time, they unfold a narrative of the exceptional story of each and the particular story of each of the songs that are performed.

At the same time the musical performance "is illustrated" by Video-Art, while also presenting the Greek text of all the verses in the form of idiosyncratic "surtitles" and a Greek translation. 

Brecht’s theatrical songs are interpreted by Myra Milolidakis and baritone Kostas Rasidakis
Piano: Aphrodite Stylianou
Trombone: Pavlos Triantaphyllidis
Texts and Naration: Nadia Valanaki
Video-art: Elsa Trivizaki, Alexis Stihl.

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