Filippos Tsalachouris "24 Greek Dances for the Benaki Museum"
Filippos Tsalachouris "24 Greek Dances for the Benaki Museum"
TUE 17/07/2007
World premiere performance of Philippos Tsalahouris’s “24 Greek Dances for the Benaki Museum”, written in response to a commission by Angelos Delivorrias and the Museum.
The commission was entrusted to the composer to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Nikos Skalkottas, whose manuscript for “36 Greek Dances” is held and exhibited by the Benaki Museum.

This new collection follows routes and draws its themes from places that Skalkottas did not include in his collection, including Asia Minor, Cyprus, Magna Grecia (Southern Italy), Thrace and the Dodecanese. Three folk dances coexist with two European dances, while the work leans to a more aesthetic and abstract approach in “Dance in the Style of Hatzidakis” or “Dance of Childhood Memories”. Cohesion is contributed by the poetry of Krystallis, Sarantaris and Palamas. The first stepping stones of the 21st century carve out a starting point for a fresh journey along the rhythmic map of the dances.

Execution: Athens State Orchestra
Soloist: Dimitris Platanias, baritone
With the Choir of the Hellenic Choirs Association
Musical director: Vyron Fidetzis

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
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€50 (grand circle), €30, €20, €15, €10 (reduced admission)
Advance booking begins on Tuesday 26th June 2007.