Contemporary objects bearing memories from museum
Contemporary objects bearing memories from museum
Product Designers at the Benaki Museum
FROM 25/01/2019 - TO 23/02/2020

Product & Design Innovation students and graduates from AKTO Art & Design College, get inspired by the Benaki Museum collections and present modern utilitarian objects at the Benaki Museum / Pireos 138.

The participants are as follows: Fotis Kampolis, Lila Kourasi, Yannis Mantzaris, Panagiotis Oikonomakis, Ioannis Stathoulis, Angelina Tassi, Ilias Chatzigiannis.

AKTO’s new Product Designers were invited to design objects, following systematic research and documentation carried out at the permanent collections of the Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, with the assistance of the Museum's curators.

The aim of the project was to create new objects of high aesthetics, the functionality of which relates to the users’ contemporary practical needs, while at the same time, be adjusted to modern-day data for the manufacturing – production process.

A three-member committee comprised of Despina Geroulanou, Kostantia Manthou Yannis Tseklenis have assessed and approved the design proposals that are presented at the exhibition.

The project was an initiative of Rosalia Ioannidou, a product designer and AKTO tutor, who is also responsible for the curation of the exhibition.

Yannis Tseklenis, Despoina Geroulanou, Alexandros Didaskalou, Kostantia Manthou, Yannis Mantzaris will discuss Product Design and the exhibition at the opening on Friday, January 25 at 19:30.

The exhibition is part of the cycle “Objects: A Visual Narrative. Series of studies on the collections of the Benaki Museum”.

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25/01/2019 - 23/02/2020
25.01.2019, at 19:30

Please check museum opening times for the day you intend to visit the exhibition


Admission free


Rosalia Ioannidou, a product designer and AKTO tutor