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The Benaki Museum is in the process of creating an endowment for the collection of donations, which will ensure that the operational expenditure of the Centre is covered and that the proposed educational activities will continue to evolve and grow.

The Benaki Museum, as owner of the house is the only official Institution that receives donations for the endowment fund which will be created for the future operation and sustainability of the Centre.
There is a number of ways you can donate to the Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House:

- For payment through bank transfer / direct deposit (from Greece and UK), please press here

- For donations from US residents, through the Benaki Museum US Fund at the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS), please press here

- For payment through credit card or pay pal, please press here

* In any case, please quote that your donation is for the “Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor House”

Following the donation, the Benaki Museum will issue and send a donation receipt.