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- the Conservation department of the Benaki Museum is restoring the largest part of furniture, lightings and other items which will return to the Leigh Fermor House. Where further additions are needed, reproductions of some characteristic objects found throughout the House are being created, for example the wooden lighting fixtures, designed by Leigh Fermor himself, and the metallic table bases.

- the staff of the Museum’s Library is currently working on the detailed cataloguing of the approximately 5.000 volumes from the Leigh Fermor House and at the same time, the selection of the books which will return to the House is being made. Further books will be added to the Kardamili library from individuals who donated their books for the House’ purposes. When the cataloguing is completed, the list of books of the Leigh Fermor Collection will be available online at the Museum’s website. The recording is realized with the support of the Friends of the Benaki Museum,
- the Board of Trustees in collaboration with the Benaki Museum’s Management are working on the final details of the House’s operation plan for the upcoming years, 
- discussions with educational institutions regarding collaboration for the future operation of The Patrick and Joan Leigh Fermor Centre are progressing,
- other publications on the Leigh Fermors are being prepared.