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The repair works at the Leigh Fermor House have been completed.

The existing form of the buildings, with very few interventions, allowed for the creation of 5 independent guestrooms, each consisting of a bedroom, a working area and a bathroom. Each guestroom provides facilities for an ideal accommodation, combined with perfect conditions for isolation and uninterrupted concentration, while communal spaces at the main House will be used as places of assembly and relaxation.

 Three guestrooms are located at the main House; one is located at the studio and another at the auxiliary house.

One of the most significant interventions was the installation of a heating and cooling system throughout the buildings. The installation was carried out through conduits either underground or through the roof in order to be the least visible.

It was also considered necessary that the chimneys were reconstructed and the fireplaces were insulated and repaired in order to be fully functional again.

All roofs were insulated and partially or fully repaired and the old roof tiles, were cleaned and placed again on top of the new tiles.

The electrical, plumbing and sewerage systems were fully replaced, the bathrooms and main kitchen were refurbished and an alarm and fire detection and fighting system was installed.

All external walls were repointed and in order to maintain the rough texture on the internal walls, the use of new materials was avoided and instead the same mixture the Leigh Fermors applied in the 1960’s was reproduced and applied.

The timber doors, windows and shutters were replaced with exact copies of the original. Double glazed windows were installed and all doors and shutters were repainted in the same characteristic grey-blue color.

The garden has been renewed; damaged plants, where necessary, have been replaced, additional plants, such as rosemary, laurels and lavenders have been planted and further works such as pruning and cleaning were carried out throughout the property. At the lower level of the olive grove, a composting area has been created, for the production of compost, to be used as fertilizer for the garden.


Repair works team

Contractor: Ballian Techniki

Consultants: Stadion, Efi Delinikola

Study Team – Supervision of works:

Architects: Maria Kokkinou - Andreas Kourkoulas, collaborator Tasos Rigas

Mechanical electrical engineer: Pantelis Argyros

Civil engineer: Dimitris Pastras

Landscape architect: Helli Pangalou and partners


The cost of the repair works were fully covered by the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).


The Benaki Museum warmly thanks the Stavros Niarchos Foundation for the significant donation and all those that contributed to the success of the project. Thanks should also be extended to Katerina Georgi, member of the Mediterranean Garden Society, who voluntarily offered her help in the works at the garden.