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From 2011 up to the commencement of the repair works:
- the archival material found in the house has been delivered to the executors of the will and the National Archives of the United Kingdom, as stipulated in the will,
- the property has been insured,
- the staff selected by Leigh Fermor himself have been retained to ensure that the ongoing care of the buildings and surrounding area continues on a daily basis,
- cataloguing of the library has progressed,
- detailed photography of the house and recording of the household effects have been carried out,
- artworks and valuable books have been transferred to the facilities of the Benaki Museum in Athens for conservation and safekeeping, until completion of the requisite repairs,
- detailed mapping of the property has been completed as has the architectural and electromechanical study for repair of the buildings and maintenance of the gardens, with the principle of maintaining all those elements that render the property so unique (study team: the architects Maria Kokkinou-Andreas Kourkoulas, the mechanical electrical engineer Pantelis Argyros, the civil engineer Dimitris Pastras and the landscape architect Helli Pangalou),
- the process of legalizing buildings on the estate has been completed,
- the feasibility study by AEA Consulting on the future use, operation and viability of the house has been completed with funding from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF),
- two consecutive fumigations have been carried out for the protection of the house and household effects, and in particular the wooden elements of the house such as the ceilings of the rooms, the furniture and so on,
- one bank account has been set up in Greece and one especially activated in the United Kingdom, in order to facilitate donations,
- the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) announced a major donation which will cover the cost of the repair works and the cost of the necessary equipment for House,
- the Benaki Museum applied for the necessary permits to the Greek State (Structuring Service – Municipality of Kalamata), for the commencement of the repair works. The architectural survey was approved by the Board of Architecture of the Peripheral Unit of Kalamata and the required certificate from the Forest Inspection Service has been issued. However, due to changes in the procedures of the Forest Mapping Program, which is now in effect for the region of Messinia, delays were have been caused to the issuing of the final permit,
- the necessary permit from the Greek state for the repair works has been issued,
- the implementation study for the repair works was completed by the study team and the preparation for the project tendering followed,  
- in May 2017, the preparation of the house for the repair works was is completed, as all household effects were transported to the Benaki Museum premises. The packing and transportation was conducted by MoveArt, a company specializing in art handling, in collaboration with four conservators from the Benaki Museum Conservation Department: Vassilis Paschalis, Nikos Smyrnakis, Haris Grammatikos and Vassilis Argyratos. A large part of the objects will return to the house when the works are completed,
- after a closed-bid process, the project was awarded to Ballian Contractors Company,
- weekly visits at the property have stopped, until the repair works are completed. Up until July 2017, 1.900 people have visited the House and surroundings.