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11 May 2017
The preparation for the repair works at the Patrick & Joan Leigh Fermor House has started

The preparation of the house for the repair works has started, as the issuing of the permit for the repair works is now at a final stage. On Friday 5th of May, the transportation to the Benaki Museum premises of all household effects was completed.


The packing and transportation was conducted by MoveArt, a company specializing in the transportation of art objects, in collaboration with four conservators from the Benaki Museum Conservation Department: Vassilis Paschalis, Nikos Smyrnakis, Haris Grammatikos and Vassilis Argyratos.


A large part of the objects will return to the house when the works are completed. In the meantime, the Conservation Department of the Benaki Museum will work on the restoration of the furniture and artworks of the house and the Benaki Museum Library on the books.


image00095  image00099  IMG 0737


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