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20 February 2017

Since October 2016, the Benaki Museum takes part in the European cultural exchange programme Tandem Europe, with the community engagement project: 

What is Home? Collecting and sharing expressions of identity

The question “What is Home?” is the outset and central axe of the pilot audience engagement project "What is Home? Collecting and sharing expressions of identity", realised collaboratively by the Benaki Museum in Athens, and Segni d’ Infanzia in Mantova, in the framework of the cultural exchange programme Tandem Europe. 

It attempts to provoke and map personal, similar or different perceptions of the “intimate” and “belonging” with respect to the youth. Equally it attempts to become the vehicle for collecting and sharing personal, material and immaterial expressions of identity. Through cultural and artistic activities, which took place in the two cities during 2016, the programme aspires to function as an awareness campaign, and, at the same time, as a research process, in order to discover the ideal tools for community and youth engagement. 

Project partners: Cristina Cazzola, Artistic Director, Segni d’ Infanzia & Sophia Handaka, Curator of World Cultures, Benaki Museum 

The outcome of this project will be presented in Athens in January 2017. 

Tandem Europe

Tandem Europe supports experimental collaborations between cultural change makers from the EU member states. It is tailor-made for cultural managers who work on creative solutions that tackle contemporary challenges in our societies and want to cultivate pioneering ideas and generate socio-economic impact with partners throughout the EU. The programme helps to create and sustain culturally innovative impact across sectors, disciplines and borders and allows cultural professionals from many different disciplines to acquire skills required for innovation processes, engaging long-term partnerships and organisational change. During the programme Tandem Europe 2015-17, 15 teams - pairs were created by partners from 24 different European cities. Each pair worked for a year in order to create a social innovation project. The topics of the 15 artistic and cultural projects, varied and include: freedom of expression, democracy, community development, social cohesion, and more. 

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