Education News

27 October 2016
A Night at the Museum (4?)
‘It is night-time. All the visitors and guards have left the museum. The restaurant and gift shop are closed. The museum sleeps…or maybe not?!!!’
NOT! Exhibits come to life and a trail of encounters and events lead to a hunter’s paradise garden and a film screening.

The film was created by a group of eleven children, aged 7 to 10 years old, during a five day workshop organised by the Education Department of the Benaki Museum. While experiencing the procedure of creating an animation film, the children familiarised themselves with the museum’s collections representing three historical periods of the Greek culture.

The scenario, drawings, stop-motion photography, narration and sounds were all the product of team work with every child playing a basic role in the procedure. The group created a fresh and entertaining short film, inspired by the museum and its collections.

Workshop instructor: Christina dePian